All Star Concrete Coatings

“All Star Concrete Coating is a unique product developed by professional concrete contractors from the St. Louis area. This company uses a unique process to apply its concrete coatings to your concrete surfaces. They use their patented process which combines high pressure washing with chemical and heat resistant additives to give concrete surfaces the resilience and shine they desire. These additives protect your concrete surfaces from the damage caused by acidic chemicals, alkalies, or salt water. hrrps://

“Concrete slabs, simply by nature, are visually unattractive. When you put an old slab on an area where it has high traffic, like an outside patio or an exposed garage, even newly poured concrete can have a very plain, gray color after it is cured. And even when you get a nice slab installed in a location that doesn’t have much traffic, the finish can fade over time. AllStar Concrete Coatings

“We have seen this problem first hand, in many of the properties in our St. Louis area where we sell properties. In many of these areas, we have seen concrete finishes fading from exposure to acidic and alkali-based cleaners and other products that have been used on the exterior surfaces of the homes. And while many owners claim that this fading is caused by these cleaners, we have been able to find no hard evidence that these chemicals actually cause fading. In fact, when these cleaners are left to sit, they slowly eat away at the concrete finishes over time.

“With All Star Concrete Coatings, we’ve developed a special concrete finish solution that leaves these fading stains to fade without eating away at the concrete. For decades, companies have tried different chemicals and other products to keep these stains from forming. However, there is no chemical that can keep the stains from fading when left on the surface of a slab. No matter how many chemicals are used, the stains simply disappear after a short amount of time.

“This all changed when we developed a coating system that was able to resist the chemical attacks of acid, alkali, and saltwater without leaving a scratch in your concrete slabs. All Star Concrete Coaching is designed to work with your concrete without damaging it in any way. This all-natural, high-tech coating system penetrates the concrete surface without harming or fading the surface at any point. The concrete sealant is a highly-refined mixture of all natural ingredients which are specially formulated to prevent any water marks, discoloration, stains, or other marks from forming.

“With this coating system, we eliminate the problem of fading or staining concrete due to harsh chemical cleaners or sunlight or weather conditions. As mentioned earlier, these stains simply evaporate over time. But because of the patented chemical composition of our concrete sealant, these staining products will never fade. If you are wondering how this is possible, consider the fact that our epoxy products leave a small stain that cannot even be seen with the naked eye after years of use.

Epoxy coatings can also be used for decorative purposes as well. Epoxy finishes are a great option for both the exterior and interior of any building and can help create a rustic or colonial look in any home, from a modest ranch home to a sprawling mansion. Epoxy finishes are also a great choice for use on the exteriors of boats or RV’s.

In general, epoxy finish coatings are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. All Star Concrete Coaching has a wide selection of colors that is sure to match any home. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, our epoxy coating system can produce a wide variety of finishes that can give any home the look that you are after. Whether you are looking to paint or varnish your exterior concrete surfaces, your All Star Concrete Coatings system will leave you with a durable finish that resists fading and stains without affecting its durability.

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